10,000 steps with a desk job

We show you easy ways to achieve 10,000 steps a day with a desk job


Chances are, right now you’re reading this while you’re sitting down (if not, pat yourself on the back). There are many wonderful things about sitting down, such as book reading, television watching, tea drinking and foot massages. But despite extra soft cushions and reclining foot rests, our bodies aren’t happy when we’re spending too much time sitting down.

It’s not easy making time to stand, especially in a world where many jobs are often desk-based. Research has suggested that sitting for more than four hours a day can have negative effects on our health. In an effort to get moving, health experts recommend that we should try to get out and about and clock up 10,000 steps every day. Studies have shown that counting to 10,000 steps over a 24 week period can boost health benefits, in some cases this resulted in reducing blood pressure and improving glucose levels.

10,000 steps sounded like a lot to us, but we’re never ones to shy away from a challenge. We wondered how we could fit 10,000 steps into our already busy days. But by making a few improvements to our daily routine we discovered that 10,000 steps a day is definitely possible and it actually made us feel great! These days we’d actually find it hard to just go back to sitting.

Here are a few ways in which we upped our steps, and tips to help you do the same!

  • At the office we invested in some standing desks to give us the option to move around more. A standing desk quickly became a walking desk when we added a treadmill! It isn’t as tricky as it sounds once you get the hang of it. (Image of desk)
  • We wanted to reach around 8,000 steps, as most people usually get the extra 2000 from normal daily movement. We calculated that to reach this goal treadmill should be used for just 1.5 hours a day at 2.5 mph. We broke this into a morning and an afternoon session.
  • To track our steps, we used a simple app called Get Moving.
  • We then made sure we were standing at our desks for another 3 hours per day. This way we could make sure we weren’t sitting for more than 4 hours in a day.

Intrigued? Here are 3 ways we’ve made the transition easier:


  1. We organise our tasks around things that are most suitable for walking standing or sitting. For instance: listening to a webinar or making calls all work well while walking!
  2. When we’re sitting, we generally do so in a comfy chair (treat time!) and work on an iPad.
  3. We keep it flexible and make adjustments for other activities we have planned in our days. If our evening is going to involve watching a film and relaxing we’ll incorporate more walking into our day. But if we’re heading for a workout after work we’ll make sure to take it easy.
Last but not least, remember that while a treadmill is great for rainy days and the office it’s far better to take your steps in the great outdoors. Not only will you be breathing in the fresh air, you’ll get the extra benefits of being out and about within nature and in the sunlight (greetings, vitamin D). Also, the natural (and urban) landscape has many subtle inclines and undulations that will make your steps more naturally challenging than the treadmill.


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10,000 steps with a desk job Posted:

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