About us

It all began in Yorkshire with Lee and, shortly after, his younger brother Daniel.

Both of us were trying to be healthy, but getting frustrated with how difficult this was. In a world of hectic schedules and convenience culture, not to mention a worrying lack of naturally nutrient-rich foods, we turned to food supplements to support our health. All we could find were “health” products filled with chemical additives and created using harsh methods. We realised that we would need to take steps to make the difference we wanted to see in the industry.

Working with the leading experts in nutrition and health, along with the highest-quality ingredient producers in the world, we’re dedicated to making the most natural, wholesome and healthiest supplements you’ll find. From the earth to the oceans, the roots of our products will always be recognisable and grounded in nature.

We want you to feel great and live long, full lives, just as nature intended. We’re in this together.



Our values are the heartbeat of everything we do. They guide us in how we make decisions and work with others. We focus on these values in developing our culture, our voice and how we do business. Click a value to find out more.

We care about the big picture and we care about every little detail in between. We care about finding new ways to make the very best products possible without additives whilst minimising our impact on our planet. We understand that our products can only take our customers so far, so we share as much information as we can about how to stay healthy. We also understand that life isn’t equal or fair and we care deeply about finding ways to bring more balance to our world.

We don’t do what we do for the fame and fortune. Instead, we’re working hard to improve the health and wellness of others each and every day. We only treat others as we would want to be treated and are respectful of everyone. We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence.

Life is complicated. We strive to simplify everything from our products to the information we share. By doing more with less we provide better value, clarity and efficiency in lots of different areas.

We’re open and straight talking. We approach every communication and decision with complete honesty. We hide nothing and we do everything fairly.

The business of staying healthy is pretty serious, so we try our best to crack a smile whenever we can. We approach our packaging and communications with a bit of fun and we reward ourselves for a job well done!

Who are Vitamin Angels?

Millions of people don’t have access to essential nutrients, not to mention food or water. Health shouldn’t be based on where in the world you are born. We want to do what we can to make a difference to this uneven distribution of health because we’re lucky enough to be able to.


Vitamin Angels is an incredibly important charity dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing the availability, access to, and use of essential micronutrients among at-risk populations. In 2016, Vitamin Angels reached over 51 million children and mothers in nearly 60 countries with the vital nutrients they need as a foundation for good health. Vitamin Angels continually receive the highest rating available, a 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, with the vast majority of funds raised going to their field programs. Find out more at www.vitaminangels.org.


Now, every time our customers buy a pack of vitamins, they are helping us to help Vitamin Angels help those in need. It’s a simple system of helping to save lives and it's a cause that needs all our help. 


We donate a minimum of 5% of any profits to Vitamin Angels. So now, every pack of Together's vitamins sold helps those in need.