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Q10 Supplement

I have recently made my first order, and have signed up for regular monthly deliveries. The product packaging is easy to reseal, the information on the packaging is clear and concise and best of all the product is vegan.

Came as ordered. Delivery was on time. Shipping to Ireland is expensive though so I bought a years supply. I hope I don't regret that. Bought as I am breastfeeding and I love that the folic acid is in folate form for pre-conception.


A really good product that cured my non working shoulder within a month.

super powers

amazing stuff. recommend it to any woman trying to boost their bodies. i personally bought these not because i am pregnant or trying to but because it was the most comprehensive one i found for my needs and my body has healed so much. i got my energy back.

Anti Inflammatory

Purchased these a couple of months ago after suffering from back pain for over a year. Started to see an improvement after a couple of weeks. Two months later I feel so much better. I definitely recommend trying these and also supplementing with fresh turmeric in salads if you can.

One of 4 to help with vertigo

I’d struggled with symptoms of vertigo for a while and read about studies that suggested a certain combination of vitamins may help. I was already taking Magnesium so I new how good the product was so added Calcium, K2 and D3 to my monthly purchase. I have to say the result has been amazing for me. I’d recommend anybody trying this combination and hopefully it can help them.

Effective Vegan Friendly Probiotic

Over the past couple of months I have been using Together's Multibiotic. It is one of the best probiotics I have tried. I especially love that it is made from fermented food, making it even easier for my body to absorb. I was unfortunately on a round of antibiotics recently, and found this probiotic to also be effective at maintaining a healthy gut bacteria balance during and after the course of antibiotics! So I can definitely say that these probiotics are strong. Most of all, they are vegan- it's not easy to find vegan probiotics on the market, so I am grateful to have found this one. All round, I am very pleased with this product, along with many of Together's other products! Thank you again Together Health for your integrity in your products.

Life changing

Your night time product has had a huge impact on my life and I can not recommend it enough. I struggled with Ectopic heart beats for years before trying this. After 3 days of taking the magnesium they stopped and haven’t returned. What a difference. Thank you, sincerely, thank you.

Love this one

Use 1 capsule as you wake up on an empty stomach or before you go to bed and this supplement will be your first aid for many problems related to digestion. Very gentle on stomach as well. Definitely recommended.

Good for summer months

The quality of this vitamin D is very good, however I found some better options of vitamin D on the market. You would need to take 2 capsules per day during the winter months as many people are deficient of this vitamin (which in theory is a hormone, not a vitamin as such) and I think that it gets a bit expensive. 1 per day is excellent for summer to maintain the D level.


I found it hard to find an alternative coenzyme Q10 because most of them have additional unhealthy ingredients. This brand is definitely recommended. It is all natural and already has coconut oil and piperine for improved absorption.

5 star Omega 3

I love this one for NO nasty fishy after taste...Will buy again.


I will not swap this magnesium for anything else. The only magnesium my mother can tolerate (and she tried a million of them). It definitely works with muscle cramps, tested on my pregnant friend who was so excited that also orders only this one since then. Fantastic supplement!

Vitamin C

This Vitamin C is my favourite. With such a big variety of vitamin C vitamins on the market this is the most gentle on stomach and what is more important natural (not citric acid), therefore it is suitable for a great body detox. Buy with no regrets.

Skin Saver

It relieves the inflammation that causes my skin to flare up. My go to purchase in need of TLC.

No bad taste

Have tried other fish supplements which leave a really bad taste for ages afterwards and are also very big so hard to swallow. These are small enough which is great and don't repeat with fish!

Helped with headaches and digestion

Really good magnesium that helps if I am suffering headaches and I also noticed that my digestion is less sluggish.

Best ever

I have tried so many supplemental for my hair and skin. This 100% works. I got so many compliments when taking them regularly.

I will not go back. My hair is so shiny.

Nasty Free

I’m vegetarian and wanted a multivitamin without nasty additives and fillers to make sure I was getting all the nutrients needed. I have also tried several of the other multi’s in this range and believe they help me keep up with my physical job and active life style. Wouldn’t trust another brand after using these!

Anxiety Relief

I started taking this magnesium around 3yrs ago to help with anxiety and sleep issues. I didn’t realise the difference it made until I went on holiday without it and my anxiety symptoms started to return. It’s so hard to find vitamins that aren’t full of chemicals and fillers, this is pure, amazing and I wouldn’t buy any other brand again!

Stress help

I like that this product has natural herbs included as well as b vitamins, it does appear to be helping certainly I notice if I have not taken it, but because I have toxic stress I find I need to go on long walks in conjunction with taking this supplement. In addition, and as a positive side effect my fungal toenail has improved! How weird is that? I do recommend this product also because it is free of additives

Stress Aid kicks anxiety’s butt

Both my partner and started suffering from anxiety last year and, for various reasons, our GP was of no help at all. So we started taking Stress Aid, and it’s helped both of us massively. To the point where we notice the next day if we forget to take it in the evening. I like how gentle it is. It evens me out, makes everything a little less stressful and anxiety-inducing. I’ve also had no stomach reactions which is definitely a plus as well. I can really recommend it for both stress and anxiety.

So Good!!

My iron levels were so low at 4 that within days of taking these tabs i felt so much better, energy levels are rising by the day and am just about to order my second batch. Thank you x

Best Supplement

I have been using these supplements for quite sometime now and you can really notice the difference, Everything about them scream quality. More importantly the customer service you receive is second to none!

Vegan !!!

After having to do an elimination diet i was worried about how i would get enough Calcium, Together Calcium vegecaps came to the rescue. Vegan, no nasties and no giant tablets to try and swallow. Thank You Together 😁

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