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Feeling more energised. I have cut down meat so re assuring to have such a good quality b12

Easy to take

Easy to swallow and seem to be making me feel better after two months of taking

Menopause boost

I’m taking these as I’m peri-menopausal and I keep hearing how magnesium is great for this time of life.
These are amazing. I won’t be without them now! They knock me out at bedtime and my quality of sleep has improved remarkably! Plus the benefits of magnesium are seemingly endless. These are the best I’ve taken and are far superior to others from the high street.

Much needed boost

My husband recently had a colonoscopy which required a complete gut clear out beforehand. I bought these to re-boot his gut microbiome.
I also suffer with bloating from certain foods which I’m told could be as a result of pregnancy. So I’m taking them too, to help re-balance my own microbiome. They seem ok but I think I need to take them for longer to really notice a difference.
I do like the way they are packaged and they are very easy to swallow.

Affordable multibiotic from real food sources

I’ve been taking this multibiotic as my standard daily probiotic supplement for a while now and am very happy with it. I like that it’s derived from real fermented food sources.

Fantastic calcium

These calcium are 100 Vegan, very easy to swallow and on empty tummy too! Which is great for me as I take first thing in morning. Knowing what this company does to make their supplements makes it a very easy pill to swallow. Highly recommended xxx

Easy to swallow

Easy to swallow tablets, no awful taste which I have experienced in other brands

Great product

Easy to swallow capsules, good packaging which makes it easy to carry with me. Feeling better in myself after taking for 2 months

My son loves these capsules


Perfect , you get no nasty bad tastes later when you burp. Unlike some!

Great vegan supplement

I have been taking the pregnancy vitamins for a while now and they although I was unable to eat anything remotely healthy in my first trimester due to sickness, all my blood results were good which must be due to these! Love the convenience of them coming through the letterbox every month

Very good vitamin

I like the fact that it has none of the chemicals that you would find on other products.

Great Product

It has help to take the edge off and I am feeling better

Marine Magnesium

No additives

I like the fact it uses natural ingredients

Together health omega 3

Brilliant choice for vegetarians .Easy to take and no after taste.Reasly nice packaging.

Together health vitamins

Excellent quality with high quality ingredients Will continue to use.

Great Product

I’ve been using the multi vit and mineral supplements for a few months now after recommendation from a friend and they’re amazing!! Highly recommend them for people

Vitamin c

These vitamin c are great. I've been taking them for a while now. And I like that they are natural.

Essential vitamin

I’ve been taking this calcium vitamin for a few years now, as I don’t eat dairy and have been breastfeeding my little girl. I love knowing they are free from bulking agents etc and are really high quality. I wouldn’t be without them now!

Wonder woman

Nails always used to be dry and brittle broke easily now I have to cut my nails cos they get too long!! There must be something good in those capsules!

OMG vegan Omegas!

I view Omega 3 as an essential supplement being vegan. So much easier to take than liquid Omega oils l. These are great value too due to the high concentrations of essential fatty acids.

Night time complex

The pill looks good but I think it's still too early to say if it works. I'm only taking it for a little less more than 1 week. We will see


I have a muscle problem since suffering Swine flu / this has helped / seems to be better than everyday products which are not absorbed so easily.

Marine magnesium

Excellent product

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