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< B Complex (Reward)

< B Complex (Reward)

Key Highlights

Everyday all round nutrient top-up for improved health

Formulated taking into account modern diet and lifestyles

Food based folic acid in folate form

Complete nutrients with powerful natural food compounds

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Calcium from seaweed

Our calcium is derived from 100% seaweed, sustainably harvested from clean and pristine waters off Atlantic coastlines such as Ireland and Iceland.

Seaweed absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater and eventually, those minerals calcify, creating a sustainable natural source of whole-food calcium.

72 trace minerals for improved absorption

Using seaweed as our source of calcium means it comes complete in a marine multi-mineral complex providing bioactive calcium along with 72 other trace minerals.

This is important because our bodies are able to recognise and absorb minerals more easily when they’re taken from natural and complete sources.

For the full Trace Mineral breakdown click here.

Rocks vs Seaweed

Standard supplements often contain calcium in the form of ‘mineral salts’ which are actually rocks. Calcium carbonate, often used in supplements, is in fact limestone! While these ‘rocks’ may be natural, they are often poorly absorbed by the body and have been shown to have some potentially negative health effects.

Tested safe for heavy metals

Because our seaweed is harvested from the ocean, we take steps to ensure there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be. We take steps during manufacture to purify the seaweed and then conduct industry-recognised testing, disposing of any batches that do not pass. You can see a typical certificate of analysis here.

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