About us

About us

Together has grown into a small team of family, friends and like-minded people. Our healthy products are developed by leading experts in nutrition and health and manufactured in the UK. Together was launched after brothers Lee and Daniel experienced, first-hand, the struggle to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing in a world of demanding schedules, convenience culture, and common myths and misunderstandings about what’s really “good for you”. At Together, we’re open, straight-talking, and honest.


Why we’re here

We’re here to create balance, and support as many people on their own journey to find a path to health that works for, and not against, them.

Our mission is the same today as it was on our first day. We will always:

  • Provide the cleanest, most natural, effective and affordable health products around;
  • Share as much meaningful, unbiased information as possible in all areas of health, because prevention is powerful;
  • Work to create more balance in a world where millions of people don’t have access to essential nutrients, because health shouldn’t be determined by where you were born.

Our principles

Our three key principles guide everything we do; from making big decisions to working with new people. These principles help us to develop our culture and shape how we do business.


We care about the big picture, and we care about every little detail in between. We believe that when something is done with care, it’s done properly.


We don’t just accept the way things are. If we notice something that raises a red flag we find a way to change it. We’ll always take the difficult path to finding a solution if we know that doing so will be in the best interest of our customers.


Life is complicated, so our aim is to keep everything as simple as possible for our customers and us too. Even the systems that run our business are founded on simplicity so that we can spend more time focusing on our customers’ needs.

Vitamin Angels is a charity dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential micronutrients, especially Vitamin A, among at-risk populations. In the last year alone, Vitamin Angels reached over 61,000,000 children in 74 countries, with the vital nutrients they need as a foundation for good health. Find out more at www.vitaminangels.org.

Now, every time our customers buy a pack of vitamins they are helping us help Vitamin Angels help those in need. It’s a simple system of helping to save lives. Since 45% of all childhood deaths are caused by malnutrition, it's a cause that needs our help.

We donate 5% of our profits from the sale of our supplement pouches.