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< Folate

30 capsules - 1 a day

Key Highlights

100% natural folate

From spinach grown without artificial pesticides or herbicides

Recommended 400 mcg dose for pregnancy

Highly absorbed

Contains active folates, including 5-MTHF

Contains other beneficial compounds from spinach

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We've looked to nature's most abundant plant-based source of folate, spinach, to offer our natural alternative to folic acid. In fact, the Latin word folate is derived from literally means 'leaf'. This safe, gentle and highly absorbed folate is just as nature intended, including spinach's bioactive co-nutrients. We use spinach leaves grown without herbicides or pesticides to ensure purity from farm to capsule.


Our folate supplement provides this essential vitamin in a natural form that your body can safely and effectively utilise. By using a powerhouse of nutrition like spinach as our source, along with folate, this supplement contains various phytoactive compounds such as phenols, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, terpenoids, cardiac glycosides and steroids, which are linked to their own health-giving properties such as antioxidant activity.


Providing: Folate

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You can often find the terms 'folate,' 'folic acid,' and 'vitamin B9' being used interchangeably, especially the first two; although these terms are related, there are key differences. Vitamin B9 and folate are umbrella terms used for all forms of this vitamin; different forms of a vitamin are referred to as vitamers. However, colloquially, folate refers to a group of vitamins that exist naturally in foods. Folic acid refers to a specific synthetic form that does not exist in nature.

Our folate supplement has no ambiguity: this product provides folate in its many natural vitamers, along with the spinach's natural compounds. The synthetic form, folic acid, does not exist in this supplement.


When we consume vitamin B9, it is not instantly useful to us; our bodies have some work to convert it into useful states. Unsurprisingly, this process is different for folate and folic acid. Folate is processed in the digestive tract. However, folic acid requires a two-step process in the liver and other tissues—limitations of our body's ability to process folic acid result in unmetabolised folic acid in the bloodstream.

Unmetabolised folic acid is unnatural and has been observed at doses as low as 200 mcg of folic acid. The implications of unmetabolised folic acid are not yet understood, and calls for more research are often made. Still, it has been linked to worrying side effects that could affect the immune system, damage the liver and even promote cancer.

There are no such concerns with folate. Unlike folic acid, there is no upper limit set for folate intake, as high folate intakes have not been reported to cause adverse effects.


Folate stands out among vitamins and minerals for its distinct absorption characteristics. It's not as efficiently absorbed in food form as its synthetic variant, folic acid. Specific guidelines called dietary folate equivalents (DFE) have been created to account for this.

The lower absorption is due to a combination of factors: variations in folate and folic acid forms, the entrapment of folates in the food matrix, the instability of some folate forms and losses due to food preparations.

Our supplement overcomes these challenges, ensuring excellent bioavailability. Our advanced extraction process employs a natural digestive enzyme to convert folate into the most bioavailable form in the same way as the body. A hydrolysis step releases the folate from the food matrix, and stability tests guarantee that only the most stable forms remain, notably including L-Methylfolate (5-MTHF), which the body can directly use.

Folate extract


Spinach grown without the use of artificial herbicides and pesticides is washed and then freeze-dried to preserve essential nutrients

Hydrolysis Stage 1

Natural enzymes from coconut sap break down complex components like starches and proteins in the spinach to make internal cell structures more accessible.

Hydrolysis Stage 2

Utilising bioactive compounds from orange peel, the complex carbohydrates that make up the cell walls of the spinach are further broken down.

Hydrolysis Stage 3

With the folate now more accessible, potato juice is used to target and breakdown unstable and poorly absorbed forms of folate into bioavailable versions.


The final extract containing stable and bioavailable forms of folate and co nutrients is evaporated and dried ready for encapsulation.

Spinach Powder


Spinach grown in the EU is subjected to a controlled drying process to remove moisture, preserving the essential nutrients.


The dried spinach leaves are then processed into a fine powder to allow for greater surface area, enhancing the powder's solubility and absorption capabilities.

High Temp Processing

The micronised spinach powder undergoes high-temperature processing to ensure it is free from any microbial contaminants while maintaining nutrient quality.


The final spinach powder, now a concentrated source of nutrients, is sealed in moisture-proof packaging to maintain its freshness and nutritional value ready for encapsulation.


It's vitally important to us that we can be sure the vitamins we offer to you are free from harmful contaminants and measure up to our high level of quality.

That's why every batch we produce is tested and analysed by fully independent laboratories and we make these results available to you.

We use only independently accredited laboratories.



GMO free

Dairy & gluten free

Multi award winning

Third party UKAS accredited tested

Cruelty free

Free from artificial additives

Free from artificial processing aids

Clean manufacture

Tested safe for pesticides

Tested safe for heavy metals

Sustainably sourced

Made in the UK

BRC certified manufacture

Plastic free packaging

Compostable packaging

Ingredient label

Spinach leaf powder (Spinacia oleracea l.), Spinach extract providing Folic Acid (as Folate). Capsule (Vegetable cellulose).


One vegecap provide on average (NRV)

Nutrient Amount NRV
Folate 400 mcg 200%
  • NRV = Nutrient Reference Values.


Do not exceed the recommended intake unless directed by a practitioner.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Consult your doctor before use if you take medication or have a medical condition.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Do not use if the seal is broken.

Reseal pack after every use.

Use within 60 days once open.


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