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We source the most natural ingredients to create gentle and highly absorbed products.


We’ll never use artificial product additives or processing aids in your health product.


We’ll always be 100% transparent about our ingredients and how we work with them.

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Grounded in Nature...

From soil to the ocean, all of our products are grounded in nature. The ingredients we use are sourced from whole foods, powerful plants, and the mineral-rich depths of the seas. We’ve made our products from the best of what nature has to offer, because nature works.


Whole, raw, and pesticide-free, we use ripe, farm-grown foods to make our whole food vitamins and minerals. Because our fruits and vegetables are real ingredients and our preparation methods are gentle we keep all the goodness from naturally occuring food compounds, such as flavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, and trace minerals.


Natural, pure, and mineral rich, our ocean-sourced ingredients come from the cleanest and most sustainable waters. We source our fresh seaweed, saltwater, and algae from the pristine coast of Iceland and the ancient waters of the Dead Sea. Using these natural ingredients we ensure that the minerals are delivered in their complete form to enhance absorption.


Fragrant, wild, and ancient, our range of botanical, plant-based ingredients harness the concentrated power and many beneficial properties of herbs and plants. We harvest turmeric roots, black peppercorns, the stems of bamboo trees, and bright red Schizandra berries at their peak from areas where they grow naturally.

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