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Responsible choices

The choices we make as businesses and individuals are our most powerful tools when it comes to combating global warming and preserving our planet. At Together, we consider the impact of every last decision we make.


We developed our pack along with A Plastic Planet, an environmentalist group with a long term goal of reducing the use of the indestructible plastics destroying our oceans, soils, air and the health of future generations.

Avoiding plastic in our pouches was non-negotiable for us. Your product packaging is made from renewable sources, and we never use any plastic postage packaging or filling.


Your supplements are kept safe in their packs, which protect the delicate natural co-nutrients inside them. The packaging is compostable, made from cornstarch with an outer layer and - most importantly - a barrier film made from renewable wood pulp to protect your supplements from the elements.

Ideally, pouches should end up where they belong - back in the ground. Let’s work together to leave nothing behind by composting pouches after use.


Home Composting
All the layers that make up our pouches are certified home compostable. We’re running tests to make sure the pouch as a whole is home compostable, if you would prefer not to test the pouches in your own compost, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Industrial Composting
Do you have access to industrial composting? Dispose of your pouch here. Finger’s crossed that more councils start to offer this fantastic service.

Household waste bin
If packaging does end up in your standard household waste, it will create heat which is used to generate energy (more than wood and food) when incinerated and will not release toxic gases. In landfill, it will generally remain inert.


    There are lots of things in this world we can’t control, but protecting the planet’s natural biodiversity is not one of them. All of our farmed ingredients are grown without pesticides or herbicides, and our carefully harvested ingredients are fully sustainable. Creating a healthy future for the planet begins with choices - from selecting the right ingredients from the right places to making sure they are grown sustainably.


    Plant source vitamin D3

    Rather than harvesting it from the trees, we use naturally-fallen Reindeer Lichen from multiple regions. This way, we can keep our footprint to a minimum and avoid any disruption to the natural environment.


    Calcium from calcified seaweed

    We are proud to source our calcium from calcified algae. These are swept along by ocean currents to designated harvesting areas with no local marine life, hundreds of kilometres away from living algae.


    Omega-3 from Sustainably Grown Algae

    While up to 25% of global catch is used to produce fish oil products, algae is actually a far more environmentally-friendly source of Omega-3. Fish oil production is damaging our oceans and contributing to over-farming. That’s why our algae is grown sustainably on land.


All of us would be more content if we knew we were leaving the planet no worse off from doing what we do. This journey starts with minimising our carbon footprint, then offsetting any company emissions by reinvesting into Amazon rainforest planting. Together Health is a proudly certified Carbon Neutral® company, and offset:

Vehicles travelling to and from work.
Any electricity used in our offices.
Emissions from postal orders.

It’s a good start, but we know we still have lots of work to do. We’re working towards reaching our goal every day, and helping you reach yours.


We believe a well-planned vegan diet can not only be a healthy choice but also a choice towards a more ethical and sustainable future. All our products are vegan certified and free from animal-derived ingredients. And because we never test our formulations or ingredients on animals, we proudly display the PeTA approved badge.






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