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Responsible choices

We believe our choices as a business and individuals are the most powerful tools we have in combatting global warming and preserving our planet. We therefore consider what impact every decision we make will have on the planet and make sure we choose responsibly.

Plastic free packaging

We developed our pack while working with A Plastic Planet, an environmentalist group, that has a single goal to reduce the use of indestructible plastic that is destroying our oceans, our soils, our air and the health of future generations. Plastic is usually made from crude oil, which is a fossil fuel and a non-renewable resource. While plastic has a long life and can be recycled, sadly, less than 10% of plastic is actually recycled in the UK, and of this over half of it is actually exported, often to developing countries who do not have the infrastructure to cope with it.

Clearly we had to avoid plastic so our pouch is plastic-free and made from renewable sources. We also don't use any plastic postage packaging or filling. We're also working hard to encourage any of our suppliers to reduce or eliminate plastic from their supply chains.


Our pack's primary purpose is to transport and, most importantly, protect the delicate nature based nutrients inside which are susceptible to moisture and light. So when developing an environmentally conscious solution the material's barrier to these elements was essential, we knew at the start of the development process that a simple recyclable paper pouch was not going to offer enough protection.

So, we began a long process of development and after many years of testing, we have created a compostable pouch made with an outer layer and easy seal derived from cornstarch, a paper layer and, most importantly, a protective barrier film made from renewable wood pulp.

We hope that our pouches, which are made from home compostable layers, end up back in the ground without leaving anything behind that’s bad for the environment, and we encourage customers to use a home or industrial composting option where available.

What you can do:

Home Composting

All of the individual layers that make up the pouch are certified home compostable, and we are currently running tests to confirm that the pouch as a whole is also home compostable. We’d encourage you to try it too and would love to hear your feedback.

Industrial Composting

If you have access to industrial composting this is a great disposal solution for your Together pouch. We expect to see more and more councils offer this service in the coming years.

Household waste bin

If our packaging does end up in the normal household waste (and we advise this if you do not have access to composting facilities) it will create heat which is used to generate energy (more than wood and food) when incinerated and will not release toxic gases. In landfill it will generally remain inert.

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Protecting our planet's natural biodiversity is something we can control. From choosing the right ingredients and where they’re sourced from to when and how they’re grown and harvested is vitally important in creating a sustainable future.

    Many of our ingredients are farmed, whilst not all our farmed ingredients are certified organic, yet all of the foods we use are grown without pesticides or herbicides.

    All the ingredients we harvest from nature such as our ocean nutrients are carefully managed and fully sustainable.

    Click on the dots below to see some sustainable examples:

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Plant source vitamin D3

    We only collect naturally fallen Reindeer Lichen rather than harvesting it from the trees to keep a minimum “footprint” in the environment. We also source our Reindeer Lichen from several regions to avoid disruption of the environment.

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Calcium from calcified seaweed

    Our calcium is produced from calcified algae which are carried by ocean currents hundreds of kilometers away from the habitat of the living algae. These designated harvesting areas have no local marine life, only passing fish. The ocean currents constantly replenish the harvest area.

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Organic ocean source iodine

    We only harvest the top 14 inches of the seaweed then do not return to each location for 4 years before re-cutting to ensure there is sustainable growth and so as not to affect the ecosystem. Working with local communities the seaweed is wild-harvested using cutters, not dredged so the seabed is not affected.

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Omega 3 from sustainably grown algae

    Up to 25% of the global fish catch is being used to produce fish oil products, algae is a much more direct, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to source omega 3. Our algae are specially grown on land, whereas fish oil causes damage to our oceans and contributes to over-farming.

Carbon Neutral

We’ll be content if we could leave the planet no worse off because we’re here. Our journey towards this goal begins with minimising our carbon footprint, then offsetting any company emissions by reinvesting into Amazon rainforest planting. We are a certified Carbon Neutral® company and offset:

Vehicles traveling to and from work and off-site meetings

Any electricity used in our offices

Emissions from orders sent in the post

We still have lots of work to do and are looking at areas that
can be optimised and improved until we’ve reached our

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