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    Providing whole food vitamin C complete with naturally occurring bioflavonoids and other beneficial co-nutrients


    Providing iodine in a complete, natural trace multi-nutrient complex with selenium, tyrosine, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B2, B3, B6 and C


    Providing 5 natural forms of magnesium in a complete matrix


    Providing a complete extract of 3 natural forms of vitamin B12


    Providing zinc in a complete natural extract with flavonoids, polyphenols, ursolic acid, essential oils and tannins


We like to keep our nutrients in their complete form. This way, they are highly absorbed and get to work on your body fast. In nature and our diets, nutrients come with an army of co-nutrients and often with different forms of the key nutrient. So, it’s not really down to how much of a nutrient is consumed, it’s more about how much makes its way to the right place in your body - and how much is retained for the optimum amount of time. The result of our complete ingredients? Nutrients that are as kind as they are effective.

Safety in nature

There are a lot of supplements out there. And most of them contain nutrients that are not easily absorbed (or even recognised) by the body. Our bodies struggle to make use of these foreign nutrients, and their effectiveness is essentially wasted. With this in mind, many vitamin companies supply high doses of these poorly absorbed nutrients in the hope that a few of the active nutrients will be retained. But the body can treat such a large dose as a foreign object, leading to irritations and bodily depletion.

We think this is the wrong way to get nutrients into the body. And you deserve something better. All our products are made with real ingredients, carefully created to be gentle on the body and digestive system.

100% Pure

Free from artificial additives and preservatives

Our supplements are free from artificial additives and preservatives. Things are better when they’re pure, so we never add anything synthetic like flow agents, bulking agents or preservatives to our products. You get the cleanest supplements that only ever have the best possible effect on your health.

Independently tested

Our supplements are here to safely support your wellbeing, so every batch is tested by accredited third-party laboratories. These laboratories are not affiliated with Together Health, which means test results are completely unbiased.

Every batch is tested for:

Nutrient level verification
Heavy metals

Ingredients are regularly screened for:

Pesticides and herbicides (where applicable)

Every batch is rigorously tested to make sure nutrient levels are right, and match what’s promised on our packaging. This way, you can be sure you're getting the right amount of goodness in each dose.

Take a look at the certificate of formulation below. It contains all this information for your product. Don’t have a batch number? Take a look at one of our latest certificates.

Supported by Science

There are lots of ‘shiny’ new products coming out claiming about what incredible miracles they can work. But we prefer to pare it back and just stick to the facts.

Scientific research is ever-changing (that’s what makes it exciting), so we only work with nutrients with strong research outcomes. To us, ‘strong research’ just means having multiple high-quality studies with positive results. Together’s scientific advisory team bases all its evaluations on criteria like the number of studies, consistency of results, the magnitude of results and methodology characteristics.

We’re working hard to create an online tool to help you easily decide if a product or nutrient is right for you, based on these studies.





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