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Naturally effective

Following in nature's footsteps, we use whole-foods, ocean ingredients and plants to produce effective nutrients that are gentle, safe and highly absorbed. We believe that your health products should be without any harmful ingredients, which is why we promise to produce the cleanest & purest products that only have a positive effect on your health. Making products this way is the hard way, but it's the best way.

  • Whole food nutrients

    Our food-based nutrients contain naturally-occurring goodness like live enzymes and phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals and other bioactive co-factors. Our bodies better absorb nutrients when they’re in a whole food form.

  • Calcium with trace minerals

    Our calcified seaweed calcium is in a natural complex with 72 other trace minerals naturally present in the seaweed. This multimineral complex provides bioactive calcium that our bodies are able to readily absorb.

  • 3 natural forms of B12

    Sourcing our vitamin B12 from organic mushrooms means it’s complete with 3 naturally occurring whole food forms and naturally occurring co-factors ensuring high absorption, retention, and activity in the body.

  • 5 forms of Magnesium

    Our magnesium is complete and contains all 5 natural forms: oxide; hydroxide; sulfate; carbonate and chloride. This means our body effectively identifies and absorbs all the natural goodness.

Highly absorbed

It’s not how much is consumed that’s important, it’s how much is absorbed and makes its way to the right place in your body and is retained for the optimum amount of time. Our nature based supplements are presented in a biologically active complete form and are available to the body immediately. Each of our formulations are uniquely developed with bioavailability at the forefront and at nutrient levels that are effective and safe. Over 60 scientific studies show our ingredients to be better absorbed, retained and utilised.

Safety in nature

Our nutrients are complete and work with and not against your body’s natural systems.

Most supplements contain isolated forms of nutrients that are not easily recognised by the body. Our body has to work hard to make these isolates biologically active and usable and since it is not designed to perform this task efficiently, much of the isolate is unused and expelled.

To get around this, most vitamin companies supply high doses of these poorly absorbed isolated nutrients in the hope that at least some of the active nutrient will be retained.

The body can treat such a large dose as a foreign object leading to irritation and depletion of stores of the body’s other micronutrients in the process. These supplements are usually recommended to be taken with food so that the chances of feeling unwell from them are masked.

All our products are nature-based and can be taken with or without food and are gentle on the body and digestion.

Pure products

Free from artificial additives and processing aids

We love a challenge, so not only do we not add artificial additives such as flow agents, bulking agents or preservatives to our products, but we go one step further and ensure that artificial processing aids such as extraction solvents and carriers are not used to make each ingredient. This means you’re getting the purest product available.

Independently tested

We work hard to make sure our supplements support your wellbeing as well as being safe to take. Which is why we ensure every batch has been tested with accredited third-party laboratories. These laboratories are not affiliated with Together Health which means test results are completely unbiased.

Every batch is tested for:

  • Nutrient level verification
  • Heavy metals
  • Microbes
  • Pathogens

Ingredients are regularly screened for:

  • Pesticides and herbicides where
  • GMO’s

Every ingredient batch is tested to verify that nutrient levels are correct and match what is stated on our packaging, so you know you're getting the right amount of goodness in each dose.

Below you can view the certificate of formulation containing the above information for your product or, if you do not have a batch number, view one of our latest certificates.

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We use only independently accredited laboratories

Research backed

There are lots of new and exciting nutrients and products coming out with bold claims about what they can do for you. We prefer to ignore the hype and stick to the facts. Scientific research is dynamic and changing so we only work with nutrients that have shown strong research outcomes. For us, strong research is defined as having multiple high-quality studies with positive results. Together’s scientific advisory team bases all its evaluations to determine strong research on criteria including the number of studies, consistency of results, the magnitude of results
and methodology characteristics. We also keep a close eye on emerging research.

We’re working hard to create an online tool to help you easily navigate these studies and decide if a product or nutrient is right for you.

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