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About us

We created Together out of a love for clean and effective nutrition, transparent sourcing, minimal environmental impact and helping others be well. We are constantly looking beyond the commercial and beyond acting on something because it is easy. Instead, we focus on adding value in all areas of our business. We care about the big picture and every little detail in between.

We Believe

We believe that getting our daily intake of effective nutrients is the single most important step we can all take on our journey towards greater well-being and we’re here to help you on this journey.

We’re family

Together is run by three brothers Lee, Daniel and Phil and close friend, Bob all in search of better health, better products and a better way of doing business. Over the years our family has grown, and now includes more friends and like-minded people, all united by a love of healthy living, dedicated work and fun.

Carbon Neutral

We’ll be content if we could leave the planet no worse off because we’re here.  Our journey towards this goal begins with minimising our carbon footprint, then offsetting any company emissions by reinvesting into Amazon rainforest planting.  We are a certified CarbonNeutral company and offset:

  • Vehicles traveling to and from work and off-site meetings
  • Any electricity used in our offices
  • Emissions from orders sent in the post

We still have lots of work to do and are looking at areas that can be optimised and improved until we’ve reached our goal.

Our Packaging

We developed our packaging with a commitment first and foremost to protecting the delicate natural co-factors and nutrients in our products. It also had to be easy to carry around, inexpensive and minimally impact the environment.

Environmental Impact

In 2016 an independent study (link) was conducted to assess the resource efficiency of a laminated pouch compared with other common supplement packaging including a glass jar and plastic pot. The results revealed that the pouch solution was more resource-efficient in all areas.

The Future

We have not settled in our search for an even more environmentally friendly solution.
After many years of testing and working with green material manufacturers, we are very pleased to announce that in summer 2021, we will be launching a fully protective, compostable, and plastic-free pouch. Please check back here to view our packaging's new green credentials after launch.

100% Vegan

We believe that a well planned vegan diet not only provides everything we need to be healthy but also creates a more ethical and sustainable future. This is why all our products are vegan certified and free from animal-derived ingredients.

Supporting Vitamin Angels

At Together Health, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life. That’s why we partner with Vitamin Angels UK, an amazing global charity that reaches underserved mothers and children with life-changing nutritional support in hard-to-reach communities throughout the UK and around the world

When you place an order we make a donation to Vitamin Angels UK to help fight childhood malnutrition in low income and developing countries.. Each donation is enough to provide:

  • A child with a healthy nutritious serving of food.
  • A pregnant woman with prenatal vitamins and minerals to support healthy and safe pregnancies.
  • A child with life-changing vitamin A to help prevent blindness and strengthen immune systems

We’ve been partnering with vitamin Angels since the sale of our first pack and so far we have provided 32,500 nutrient grants to Vitamin Angels. We have big plans to do more, important work with Vitamin Angels in the future and are grateful to be working with such an impactful charity.

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