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why together are better

We find it unusual that the 'health' industry supplies products to improve our health yet is over run with unnatural and unhealthy ingredients hiding away on product labels. It's our little bug bear. Working to change this is what makes us different. It flows into everything we do. Here's a quick overview of all our differences, click the links to read more:


We’ve taken all the goodness from some of nature’s finest offerings and made our supplements with whole food and marine sources. We’ve done this because we believe, and science agrees, that our bodies ‘better understand’ and more readily absorb vitamins and minerals than more commonly used isolated or synthetic ingredients.
Our vegetable capsule shell is made from just one ingredient... vegetable cellulose. There’s nothing more to say about that then!
We will never add anything artificial or unnecessary to our capsules. We like simple and we like natural, that’s why our labels always have a very ‘clean’ and small ingredient list free from anything artificial or suspicious. This means no added binders, fillers, glazing agents or other additives. Just the right amounts of gently powdered whole food or marine complexes enclosed in a vegetable capsule. We can’t understand why all health supplements aren’t made this way.
The process used to create Together's food source vitamins & minerals is based on the scientific findings of Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who first isolated ascorbic acid from Vitamin C, he went on to discover that Vitamin C was most effective when it was of a purity between raw food and 100% ascorbic acid. Endre Szalay, a student of Szent-Gyorgyi, spent 30 years developing a process to create this intermediate stage for all vitamins and minerals. The process he developed is the same as we use in our supplements and the same as is found in nature...

The co-factors in Together’s vitamins means that they are gentle on the stomach and can be easily digested... just like food. So you don't need to hatch an elaborate plan for when to take your vitamins. Take ours anytime anywhere with or without food. Simple.
Because they come as a complete food complex just like in natural fresh food, the body recognises our nutrients as food and is able to deliver them to the parts of the body that are shouting... ’feed me’.
We don't like to brag. BUT... over 50 studies on our food source nutrients have concluded that they are better absorbed, retained and utilised than non-food vitamins and minerals.
You wont win any personality contests chatting about Together’s quality control; nonetheless, its extremely important to us and the quality department are quite a militant bunch. The whole food complex in each capsule has been processed and packaged in order to maintain maximum levels of lovely nutrients. Lots of things can affect the nutritional concentration, such as where it's grown, when it's harvested and how it is processed and stored. It's a fickle little thing...
Quality Raw Materials
Quality raw materials are used to grow our vitamins and minerals. Upon arrival at the factory raw ingredients (vitamins, minerals, S. cerevisiae, L. bulgaricus, fruits and vegetables) are placed into quarantine. They are then tested against high standards to ensure that they are exactly what they say they are. Additionally, when any transport arrives to load or offload products, it is done so in a pressure-sealed area that does not allow foreign agents into the growing facility.

Pure Water
 the water is not pure then your product cannot be pure. When nutrients are grown, impurities in the water will either kill the batch or find their way into the finished product. All water that is used passes through a state-of-the-art filtration system and removes any impurities to a 1 part per billion standard. This system is tested by an independent contractor to ensure its quality.

Quality Process

The growing process for each individual vitamin and mineral is carefully monitored and tested against standards that have been developed and in use for over 20 years. The testing is continuous throughout the process.

Sterile Tanks
Before the process can begin, the cultivation tank being used for a particular batch must be cleaned. Clean water is pumped in and brought to a boil. After it is drained, workers in contained cleaning suits scrub down the entire vat. After cleaning, the surface of the vats is tested for contaminants. Only after the tests come back from the lab as clean can the next batch be grown in those tanks.

Controlled Monitoring
Once the growing process starts it is carefully monitored by computers and technicians. Every 10-30 minutes the batch undergoes FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) testing. This is done to ensure that the product meets the required specifications.

Quality Final Ingredients
Even with stringent protocols governing the inputs and the process, the process is taken a step further in making sure that the finished product meets standards and is exactly what it says it is. After a batch of vitamin or mineral is finished, a sample is taken and the rest of the batch is immediately placed in sterile, airtight containers.
The samples are sent to a 3rd party for laboratory analysis, and the samples are measured for potency. Only after a batch has a Certificate of Analysis that shows the product meets standards is the batch released from quarantine for distribution.

 (current Good Manufacturing Process)
Finally to send you off soundly to sleep, Current Good Manufacturing Process protocols (cGMPP) are in place for the manufacture of all Together’s food source vitamins and minerals.
Air and light are nature’s bullies when it comes to keeping supplements fresh. Bulky bottles and boxes don't make the best travel partners. We were spinning our wheels on this for quite a long time until a pouch full of dried fruit caught our eye on the supermarket shelf. After a bit of tweaking we had our pack and our supplements were happy. We’re not though.  The minimalist amount of packaging is good, but as yet the UK recycling powers that be have not found a way to separate the materials of our pouch.  Rather than waiting until they catch up, we’ve begun our search for a pouch that can be 100% recycled whilst keeping nature’s bullies at bay.







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