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multi vit - active ingredients

Pomegranate (1 shot)
Packed with antioxidants
The drink's main ingredient is the Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), which is found in the Brazilian Amazon and known as one of the most potent antioxidant superfoods on the planet. The powerful antioxidants found in the berries help fight the effects of free radicals caused by toxins in the body and in turn slow the ageing process. Acai berries also contain an amazing range of other nutrients.

Vitamin A (100% RDA)
Good for keeping the skin, eyes and hair in healthy condition.
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid (100% RDA)
Good for helping the body convert food into energy.
Vitamin B7 Biotin (100% RDA)
Good for helping the body convert food into energy.
Vitamin B9 Folic Acid (100% RDA)
Essential in the production of healthy red blood cells. Also important for pregnant women, helping in the healthy development of the fetal.
Vitamin C (100% RDA)
A powerful antioxidant protecting the body's cells from free radical damage and also helping the body absorb iron from food. Vitamin C has long been used as a cold remedy to support the immune system.
Vitamin D3 (100% RDA)
Also know as the sunshine vitamin has been linked to a healthy immune system. Many research papers are now linking a variety of ill health effects to vitamin D deficiencies. At most risk are those in climates that offer fewer hours of sunlight.
Vitamin E (100% RDA)
A powerful antioxidant helping to protect the body's cells from free radical damage.

Calcium (15% RDA)
An important mineral for healthy bone and teeth development and maintenance.
Magnesium (15% RDA)
Involved in the production of hormones, which are important for healthy bones. Also helping the body produce energy from food.
Selenium (20% RDA)
A powerful antioxidant protecting cells from free radical damage and is important for a healthy immune system.
Zinc (100% RDA)
Important for reproduction and a healthy immune system and also plays an important role during the body's healing process.
Our nutritionist Gareth Zeal has helped us include all the essential anti-ageing ingredients at the correct levels to make sure our drink has a positive effect on your health.






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