We want to create products that we’re proud of, and products that you will always be able to trust. Our three product promises are close to our heart, and reflected in everything we make.

Nutrients are never isolated in nature or in our products

Complete nutrients

In nature, nutrients are complete with many beneficial natural compounds. These powerful compounds help our bodies to recognise, absorb and deliver each nutrient to the right place, ensuring they’re effective yet gentle. Today, most vitamins and minerals are in an isolated form. Because these “isolates” are not well absorbed, they’re produced and sold in high doses. These high-dose, isolated forms are not well tolerated and can upset your body.

We believe that artificial product additives and processing aids do not belong in your health supplement.

No artificial product additives

We like simple and we like natural. This means that we never use any of the common supplement additives such as artificial binders, flow or bulking agents.

No artificial processing aids

Most of these processing aids do not have to go on product labels but, rest assured, we never have and never will use them when making our products.

We obsess over the journey every ingredient takes to reach you. From nature to shelf, our ingredients will always be closely monitored and cared for.