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Title: Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis, 2004
Authors: Loots, D., Oosthuizen, W., Pieters, M., Spies, C., and Vorster, H.H.
Section: Volume 15(8), Pages 677-685
Article: Food State vitamin C complex may beneficially affect haemostasis and fibrin network structure in hyperlipidaemic patients.

Title: Journal of Medicinal Foods, 2001
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Jang, J.
Section: Volume 4, Number 4, Pages 187-192. Copyright © Mary Ann Liebert Inc.
Article: In Vitro and in Vivo lipoprotein antioxident effect of a citrus extract and ascorbic acid on normal and hypercholesterolemic human subjects. (Abstract)

Title: Nutritional Biochemistry, 1996
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Howard, T.B. III
Section: Volume 7, Pages 659-663. Copyright © Elsevier Science, Inc.
Article: Inhibition of protein glycation and advanced glycation end products by ascorbic acid and other vitamins and nutrients. (Abstract)

Title: Irish Journal of Medical Science, 1993
Authors: Cahill, R.J., O’Sullivan, K., Beattie, S., Hamilton, H., and O’Morain, C.
Section: Volume 162(7), Page 285.
Article: Celladenomatous polyps. kinetic effects on selenium and vitamin C in subjects.

Title: European Journal of Cancer Prevention, 1993
Authors: Cahill, R.J., O’Sullivan, K., Beattie, S., Hamilton, H., and O’Morain, C.
Section: Volume 2, Supp 1, Page 28
Article: Effect of selenium and vitamin C on colonic crypt cell proliferation. 1 year follow up study.

Title: Gut, 1993
Authors: Cahill, R.J., O’Sullivan, Mathias, P.M., Beattie, S., Hamilton, H., and O’Morain, C.
Section: Volume 34, Pages 963-967
Article: Effects of vitamin antioxidant supplementation on cell kinetics of patients with adenomatous

Title: Med. Sci. Res., 1992
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Hsu, C.
Section: Volume 20, Pages 145–146,
Article: Effect of vitamins A, E and a citrus extract in vitro and in vivo lipid peroxidation.

Title: Nutrition Research, 1992
Authors: Vinson, J.A., Courey, B.S., and Maro, N.P.
Section: Volume 12, Pages 915-922 Copyright © American Diabetes Association
Article: Comparison of two forms of vitamin C on Galactose cataracts.

Title: Reduction of Sorbitol by Vitamin C, 1989
Authors: Vinson, J.A., Staretz, M.E., Bose, P., Kassm, H.M., and Basalyga, B.S.
Section: Pages 1-8 Copyright © American Diabetes Association
Article: In Vitro and In Vivo reduction of Erythrocyte Sorbitol by Ascorbic Acid.

Title: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1988
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Bose, P.
Section: Volume 48, No. 3, Pages 601-604 Copyright © 1988 by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc.
Article: Comparative bioavailability to humans of ascorbic acid alone or in a citrus extract. (Abstract)

Title: Nutrition Reports International, 1987
Authors: Vinson, J.A., Mazur, T. and Bose, P.
Section: Volume 36, No. 3,
Article: Comparison of different forms of calcium on blood pressure of normotensive young males.

Title: Nutrition Reports International, 1985
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Hsiao, K.
Section: Volume 32, No. 1
Article: Comparative effect of various forms of chromium on serum glucose. An assay for biologically active chromium. (Abstract)

Title: Nutrition Reports International, 1984
Authors: Vinson, J.A. and Bose, P.
Section: Volume 30, No. 4
Article: The effect of high chromium yeast in the blood glucose control and blood lipids of normal and diabetic human subjects.

Title: WHO Collaborating Centre for the Community Control of Hereditary Diseases
Authors: Czeizel A.E. Department of Human & Teratology, National Institute of Hygiene
Section: Volume 27, No. 4
Article: The results of a randomized double-blind controlled trial of the Food–State vitamin E on human fertility.






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